Transformation through partnership: working with you to drive success


Image result for medical imageAt Vision Poly Tech, we partner with health systems in Bangladesh, hospitals, and imaging centers to expand their outpatient imaging networks, while keeping a focus on improving outcomes at lower costs and best services. With our vast experience in clinical consulting, transformational services, and workflow optimization, a partnership with us will help drive success as your health system reaches out into the community and closer to where patients live and work.

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Partnering with your health system
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  • Transformation and Advisory Services
  • Asset Management
  • Managed Department Services

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Radiology Performance Management Service

Radiology Performance Management Service (RPMS) is a unique IT-enabled consulting service to help you achieve a sustainable performance improvement by turning radiology data into actionable insights. The RPMS delivers full improvement cycles, including comprehensive workflow assessments to identify bottlenecks, jointly agreed metrics, and goals for improvement and transformation. This consulting service is delivered by interdisciplinary team of lean-certified consultants, radiology consultants, and data analysts. Together we pave the way for measuring, interpreting, and managing operational performance by using a customized dashboard, as well as coaching and knowledge sharing.

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Radiology Performance Management Service

With the Radiology Performance Management Service, you’ll have a long-term partner and a solution that will drive IT-enabled, cost-effective transformation in your radiology department with full visibility of your operations – vendor-neutral, in time, and mobile accessible. The transformation is driven by high-value data insights from an in-depth workflow and operational assessment. Both your own staff and our lean-certified team jointly drive sustainable and continuous improvements.

With our Rapid Improvement Events, lean methodology, quarterly workshops, and our transformation experts, the RPMS will support you throughout the entire journey – while our monitoring component helps you manage improvement progress and operational performance.

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